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Species Offered:

Walnut Saw Logs

Walnut Saw Logs are offered in 0-1sc, 2sc, and 3sc grades. Call today for current pricing.


Telephone:  +1.812.788.1560


White Oak Veneer

Indiana is famous for its White Oak Veneer. We offer fresh-cut 4sc White Oak Veneer priced two different ways, 14"-19" and 20"+. Contact us today for current pricing.


Ash Saw Logs

Ash Saw logs are offered 2sc+, 10"+ 7'+. Call today for current pricing.


Transportation and Freight

We handle everything.

Transportation, Freight, and Fumigation

Walnut Veneer

Walnut Veneer is offered in both 3sc and 4sc.

14"+, lengths of 8'+

Contact us today for current pricing.


Efficient Loading

It takes 20 minutes for us to load 1 container. Our efficient load time helps to cut costs that we can pass on to the customer.

-- 2 Docks No Waiting

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  • White Oak Veneer and Saw Logs
  • Walnut Veneer and Saw Logs
  • Ash Saw Logs
  • Red Oak Saw Logs
  • Cherry Saw Logs
  • Poplar Saw Logs
  • Hard Maple Veneer and Saw Logs
  • Hickory Saw Logs